Where Does Daniel Find The Time?

As the lockdown eases, updates on members projects begin to dwindle, presumably as everyone returns to ‘normal’ activities?  In some workshops though the lights are still burning brightly & the machinery humming away producing lots of wonderful items.  Daniel C’s workshop is one such place & his recent email shows that output continues unabated….. ‘First Read more about Where Does Daniel Find The Time?[…]

Flushed With Rivets……

Robert has sent a further update from the Bathgate Locomotive Works.  The conclusion to the fitting of the smokebox hinges….. ‘These shots show the hinges finally in place with the twists completed so that it lines up nicely with the brackets on the smokebox ring.  More importantly, the door closes flat without any straining of Read more about Flushed With Rivets……[…]

‘Maude’ With Hinge & Bracket………

Robert has been in touch with pictures of a most tricky task, the construction of the smokebox door hinges.  Bear in mind that Robert is building this model from scratch & has had to scale everything from the works drawings……. ‘The smokebox door looked a little naked without the hinge straps, so this was the Read more about ‘Maude’ With Hinge & Bracket………[…]

Waiting For Paint To Dry…….!

Young Daniel dropped an email to the Editors Desk this weekend with photographs of progress.  Do I detect a little frustration here…..? ‘Progress has been slow over the last few weeks as it has been painting time and I’m not one for watching it dry. The Glen frames are almost finished and are currently being Read more about Waiting For Paint To Dry…….![…]

Maxi Lucky 7 Post Op Recovery…….

From South of Edinburgh comes the good news that the patient is making a steady recovery following successful completion of the axle box replacement and some surgery to the axle.  The Lucky 7 is currently undergoing a period of gentle rehabilitation. ‘Hello everyone, here is a bit of an update.  The loco has now been Read more about Maxi Lucky 7 Post Op Recovery…….[…]