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Edinburgh Society of Model Engineering
Founded in 1894 ESME is the oldest model engineering club in the world.

Since the earliest days of the industrial revolution engineers have constructed models of their designs to test and predict the performance of the intended full-scale structure. Indeed it was the repair of a model that prompted James Watt to undertake his pioneering work on the steam engine. Many people interested in the technology of the day made engineering models and it became a popular pastime. To find out more please visit our About page.

We welcome all new members and volunteers, if you are interested in membership please contact us at

  • The Society operates its own workshop and owns several machine tools for members to use

  • The Society operates a portable railway track that attends local gala days and charity events where rides are given to members of the public behind miniature “live-steam” locomotives.

  • ESME meets weekly with a regular programme of lectures, video events and site visits to develop the knowledge and skills of members

  • The Society has a miniature railway which we are in the process of relocating to the Almondell Model Engineering Centre. Click the tab of the same name for progress updates of this exciting development.


The aim of the Edinburgh Society of Model Engineers is to encourage & develop the skills & art of engineering through the construction of miniature, small scale & experimental prototype machines. The Society encourages the development of engineering knowledge in an atmosphere of mutual respect whilst promoting the appreciation of engineering and its history to the general public.