November 11, 2014




Metalworking skills:

The Society provides facilities and training where needed to enable members to become competent in the skills of machine turning and milling of metal and engineering materials, the use of hand tools, fitting, brazing, soldering and welding, pattern making and casting, and interpretation of engineering drawings. The society operates its own workshop with a number of machine tools including lathes, a milling machine, pillar drills and other power tools.  After suitable training these are available for members to use.

Model & Prototype Construction:

Interests range from the construction and operation of passenger hauling, coal fired ‘live steam’ models in the larger gauges to miniature locomotives and traction engines. Work includes all aspects of construction such as framework, boiler making, cylinders and valve gear, wheels and axles etc.  Read ‘What Our Members Are Making’


Other interests include:

  • The construction of experimental engines such as hot air or Stirling cycle engines and miniature gas turbines.



Yet other members are interested in clock making.

  • Others are interested in the construction and operation of steam powered launches and boats as popular in the Edwardian era.  Some are of such a size they are capable of carrying several passengers.  Such vessels are gaining in popularity due to their near silent operation and lack of pollution compared to internal combustion engines.

There is virtually no limit to the subject and size that can be modelled!

Runing Locomotives:

Based at the Almondell Model Engineering Centre the three circuits can accommodate the three standard gauges used across most of the world, these being 3.5″, 5″ and 7.25″ gauge.  The Society owns a locomotive that enable members without their own to learn the skills of operating a real ‘live steam’ locomotive.

Paul is seen driving a 5″ gauge steam locomotive.

Hands Free Operation

Modern technology is not missed out either.  A 7¼” gauge fully remote controlled, battery electric locomotive based on a class 08 has been built by Daniel.






Engineering Knowledge:

Point Building

Civil Engineering

Building the railway from scratch has meant that we have had to learn the necessary civil engineering skills to construct the embankments, bridges, tunnels & drains for the railway & building.

Then we have had to aquire the skills & knowledge to construct the trackwork & associated points.



The Society organises a regular programme of lectures in our Audio Visual suite at Almondell.

2019 Club Visit

Site visits to local business’ develop the knowledge and skills of members.

Scottish Mining Museum STEM event

The Society attends local exhibitions displaying the work of members to encourage involvement in the hobby.  Support has been given to a number of STEM events at schools to encourage the next generation of engineers.



Harrogate Exhibition

Exhibitions have included the SRPS at Bo’ness and the National Model Engineering Exhibition formally at Harrogate.







Portable Track:


The Society has a portable railway track that attends local gala days and charity events where rides are given to members of the public behind miniature “live-steam” locomotives.


The Society is a charity registered in Scotland (SC041019).  An elected committee are the charity trustees and govern the society.  The Society is also structured as a limited company (SC095071) and carries full insurance against all risks.  The elected committee are also directors of the limited company.