January 28, 2018

What ESME has to Offer

ESME now owns its own site at Almondell near Broxburn and all members can enjoy the excellent facilities there.  Really good and steady progress has been made since we bought the site in 2013 but like every volunteer organisation we could do with more help.

We are aware that anyone visiting Almondell for the first time will undoubtedly get the impression that the main focus is on a railway, but like a lot of first impressions this is not the whole story.  Yes we have built a miniature railway, but out of necessity following our vacation of our previous site nearby in the grounds of Newliston House.  This was the spur to purchase Almondell outright and so that we could invest in a secure long-term future.

Being a large site (11 acres) Almondell presents ESME with exciting opportunities to do something more than just running trains for the members.  The Heritage Centre and Museum opens the door to the community at large to not only engage with model engineering, but to learn associated skills.  ESME is already actively involved with educational and volunteer activities based around the development of AMEC and environmental aspects associated with managing and caring for our woodland for future generations to enjoy.


What do I do Next?

I you want to learn more about ESME then please come along and see us, the details are on our contact page.  Visits are free!




The Trustees should like to point out that the hobby of Model  Engineering is addictive and many members who had no initial interest do get hooked, there is a great deal of satisfaction in ‘making’ something that actually works.              

So beware!