Waiting For Paint To Dry…….!

Young Daniel dropped an email to the Editors Desk this weekend with photographs of progress.  Do I detect a little frustration here…..?

‘Progress has been slow over the last few weeks as it has been painting time and I’m not one for watching it dry.

The Glen frames are almost finished and are currently being varnished after that it will go onto the rotating frame for assembly of the motion work.

The ‘Dacre’ footplate is finished, the regulator handle has come out very nicely.  The safety valve has been completed, next will be a steam test.   It still needs a bit of tweaking as it’s not 100%, but it is moving so I am very close to having it good. Here is a video of it running on the track today, 21/06, under steam for the first time. 

Here is a 16mm electric loco that is modeled on a small industrial diesel.  This is 3d printed apart from the chassis, wheels and motor.  I’ve had it for a while but recently have been revamping it with some brass details.

Brass air tank compared to a 3d printed one.

Brass exhaust.  Still need to attack it with a needle file!

Back to watching the paint dry!

Yours, Dan.’