Dancing With Dholpur….?

Dave S. has a new dancing partner, we do hope that ‘Frosty’ doesn’t get too jealous…..

Dave is seen here in his garden with the freshly painted frames of ‘Dholpur’.  The red is certainly bright!

To achieve the smooth finish Dave set himself up with a paint booth in his workshop.  This kept the dust away whilst he sprayed the frames.  Spray paint tends to go off quicker than a brushed finish which also helps to reduce dust spoiling the finish.

Another repetitive job ticked off the list was the oil boxes.  Dave found the soldering of the tiny hinges a challenge as the force of the flame from the torch tended to move the hinge out of place.  Burnt fingers later, all was in place to his satisfaction.

Progress continues, won’t be too long until it is on the track at Almondell.