Where Does Daniel Find The Time?

As the lockdown eases, updates on members projects begin to dwindle, presumably as everyone returns to ‘normal’ activities?  In some workshops though the lights are still burning brightly & the machinery humming away producing lots of wonderful items.  Daniel C’s workshop is one such place & his recent email shows that output continues unabated…..

‘First off is a 16mm narrow gauge loco body designed in CAD and sent off for laser cutting.   You can see I have incorporated slots and tabs to speed up construction and the whole thing went together in a day.  It is based on a narrow gauge steam locomotive and is battery powered.  Just some more smoothing and painting then it will be off to its owner’








‘Next up is some more progress on the Glen as can be seen it is back on its wheels and is now an air running chassis.

The axle boxes were packed up to set the timing using a feeler gauge.  About 25 thou of port opening each side when in mid gear is the optimum valve setting. 

I have been test painting the smokebox and sanding back to remove bumps lumps and mark’s that are showing up through the paint.’

‘Furthermore, I have now constructed a new steam manifold which looks a lot better and should make the pipe management a lot easier than my old version.  It still needs attacking with a needle file.’


‘Next up is the 7¼” class 08.  It had its first test run on the track at Almondell on Friday 17th.  The test was a total success and the new turntable and off loading area work perfectly.’

‘The loco ran superbly and can pull a good weight, though for a real test I can’t wait ’til we can load up the coaches again. Some video of this loco running will follow soon.’