Building A Traditional Drum Type Orrery….

Member Peter R has dropped a line to the Newsdesk from rural Nantwich updating us on his latest fascinating project.  Peter wrote in November 2020 describing his Orrery & in April this year described his Heliochronometer.  Peter takes up the story: ‘Many orreries produced in the 18th and early 19th century were constructed with the Read more about Building A Traditional Drum Type Orrery….[…]

A new Design for a Heliochronometer….

A High Precision Sundial – by Peter Rigby Introduction Prior to the development of the railways, different regions of the country kept their own local time, often different from Greenwich Mean Time.  Although GMT had been established as early as 1675 for astronomical and navigation purposes, there was little incentive for this to be adopted Read more about A new Design for a Heliochronometer….[…]

Vacuum brakes suck….!

They really do….! Member Roger Speirs asks ‘When you’ve stopped groaning, just consider this…. On miniature railway vehicles we need brakes and while steam engines usually have pretty adequate brakes of their own and lots of weight there is something satisfying about piping up to carriages and having a fitted train that will stop dead Read more about Vacuum brakes suck….![…]