Fitting Yer Reeking Lum….

The Bathgate Locomotive Works has reopened following the limitations of this years festive season.  Well, we can’t claim ‘excess’s’ this year can we? Robert sent the Newsdesk a photograph of one of his presents & I couldn’t resist sharing it with you…. I have been reliably informed that the shedplate logo is not full size! Read more about Fitting Yer Reeking Lum….[…]

Constructing Yer Reeking Lum…..

In October we left the Bathgate Locomotive Works having made the base of the Lum.  Since then, there has been a lot of hand filing, head scratching & careful machining to produce another fine piece of work.  The addition of the Lum gives ‘Maude’ a distinguished look.  Robert has copied the style of Lum currently Read more about Constructing Yer Reeking Lum…..[…]