Twister Tamed…..

Dave S. dropped the Newsdesk a line to say that he had worked out a solution an interesting challenge set (unintentionally!) by member Trevor:

‘Trevor asked me if I could help him by tapping out a steering bush to M8.  When it arrived Trevor hadn’t mentioned that it was a series of different bends with only one 30mm parallel section!

I tried to set it up in my Harrison M400 but offsets of linkage were too large to fit in the headstock bore.  My only other option left was the floor mounted drill to carry out the operation.  This involved machining a guide bush to allow an accurate centre to be drilled.  After this I came up with the setup you see in the pictures using vee block, angle plate and slotted box.  After this it was quite straight forward.

Set Up

Guide Bush

Drilling through bush

Tapping drill

Tapping M8

By the way, the ‘red handle’ is the steering linkage.





All the best, Dave.