Boiler Progress….

The Bathgate Locomotive Works Manager sent in this report on the progress with the boiler for ‘Maude’.

Firebox Drawing…

Backhead Drawing

The design is based primarily on the ‘Hermes’ with some detail from the ‘Dart’ & ‘Glen’ boilers.

Backhead mockup

The wooden backhead was used to check positioning of firebox between the frames & the siting of the fittings.





The construction of the boiler was put into the safe hands of Steam Technology of Kent & they have sent these photographs of progress so far:

Smokebox Tubeplate


Boiler Innards….

The final parcel dispatched to Steam Technology under special delivery (!) were the parts for the regulator mounting & inner dome

Dome Fixtures…

Lose these in the post at their peril!!




At this rate we could well see ‘Maude’ on passenger hauling duties in 2022.