If you go down to the woods today …..

…. you will be in for a big surprise.  Watch out there is a tank about.  After working on the 1/6th scale Panther tank kit for many months, Jerry brought the tank to Almondell to give it a good test on rough terrain.

It was quite an attraction being there on the friends and family day and it seemed to cope well on various areas of ground.

The access road down to the west end of the site appears to be very suitable and able to give the tank a good run. Also off road it could be found lurking in the undergrowth and well camouflaged to the passing locomotives.

Here are a few photos from the day plus a Youtube video showing the Panther in action.


Advancing down Dunnet Lane

Dunnet Crossing


Pumpherston Junction, waiting to ambush

Just waiting on patrol







Heading across country

Lurking in the undergrowth

Close to Memorial Halt

Moving off from Memorial Halt