Armortek M26 Pershing

Latest project – Armortek M26 Pershing

First stages in constructing the Armortek M26 Pershing. I have decided to build it as one of the first series sent out to Europe in February 1945. A number formed Task Force X, one of which famously took on a Panther outside Cologne Cathedral. This means it can legitimately take on my Armortek Panther (although I shall not be blowing it up!).

There is a video of this action on YouTube & we shouldn’t forget the combatants on all sides who died in these machines.

Two modifications I have made to the model. Firstly I have cut the single slot to represent the intake for the original 400 cfm blower and secondly I repositioned the rear bracket for the towing hook as it sat too high. I have ordered from Armorpax their scale working Tow Hitch. A number of their other ‘goodies’ have been ordered too which will enhance the look of the model. So far an interesting build, quite different to the Panther, but just as enjoyable to put together.

Currently I am awaiting the Motion Packs from Armortek which will put life into the model.

 I am looking forward to running this alongside the Panther at the Almondell Model Engineering Centre in the near future.