Maude has more clothes

The work continues with more cladding for the boiler.






After successfully rolling the first three sections of cladding, it was time to tackle the final piece required at the firebox end.

The mini rollers were used again but since the shaping did not require a full circle, the distance of the curve was marked out with thin black felt pen lines. This let me know were to stop as a reverse curve is necessary after the last black line to bring the cladding into a vertical shape at both sides. This also has to match the area which has already been cut away from the front of the cab.  A wooden former assisted in creating the reverse curve and checking that it fitted the cab.






After shaping, the cladding was cut to shape to match the leading edge of the cab.  The guides for the boiler mounts can also be seen below the cladding.  The reversing lever can also be seen which runs behind the cladding.

Hole cutters punched out the 4 holes for the safety valves, whistle and steam auxiliary bushes.

A test fit with the safety valves in place and finally the safety valve cover.