Three At Once…….

Daniel continues to forge ahead with his models as you will see from his latest update.  What intrigues me is how does he not get mixed up with having three models on the stocks simultaneously?  Perhaps it’s the benefit of a youthful mind or of not having the distractions of a nameless party regularly walking into the workshop asking if you could mend the dripping tap, sharpen a pair of scissors or look at the food blender which is making a funny noise!  Okay, so lockdown is beginning to tell……..

‘On the B1, material arrived for the front buffer beam.  

This was 50mm angle each side which had to be reduced to 1½” (about 38mm). This was done on the mill then drawfiled smooth. 

The pictures show a comparison between how it came and the result.

Just need to work on the vertical face of the buffer beam to add the features.

The Hornblocks have been drilled and tapped to hold the keeper plates that are now bolted into place.  Now the wheelsets won’t fall out whenever I lift the chassis!



Work on the ‘Dacre’ has concentrated on the cylinder lubrication.

Lubricator top being machined ready for parting off.

Lubricator drain plug and retaining nut.

Layout of the manifold and regulator pipework before Silver soldering.


Whole Lubricator Assembled.  It’s done to look like the handbrake.

Regulator needle valve machined from stainless.




If you were intrigued by the header photograph to this article, all can now be revealed!

I have been painting recently as the painting mask finally arrived.

As you can see painting is progressing well, the red between the frames was the first job.
All masked up & the 2nd coat of Olive green applied.  It will receive a 3rd and that will be painting complete on the mainframes & bogie frames.

Keep well, Daniel.’