Oh, You Beautiful Doll…..

I will keep this short as I have pretty much explained everything in the video.

It is a great shame that during this lovely weather we cannot play trains at the club.  However, I decided to give the largest steam engine in my collection a run.  This is a “Doll” steam plant manufactured by ‘Doll et Cie’ of Nüremburg, Germany, between the two world wars.

I was given it by a member of SMET many years ago in a very poor state.  The boiler had a split in the back head which was a rather fatal blow for the engine.  However Jeremy, a fellow ESME member, let me use his workshop and helped me to repair and pressure test the boiler up to 40psi. Considering they only run at 15psi in normal service she was green lit for a rebuild.  I then took the boiler back and restored the rest of it myself.

The final picture shows her first run up at SMET to show the member who gave me it originally its new working condition. The lightbulb does work, but due to the sunlight on the day of the video you cannot see it.

Enjoy, and I hope you are all keeping well. I am very much looking forward to meeting up again.
Cheers,  Kieran