Seeing The Light?

Scientists all over the World are actively seeking a cure for the Co-Vid19 virus.  There are a number of promising breakthroughs, the most expensive probably being the development of a human vaccine.  There are other options too, such as looking at existing treatments & seeing if they can be redeployed to good effect against the Co-Vid19.  Some of the best minds in the World have been studying this & offering advice:

“There’s been a rumour that — you know, a very nice rumour — that you go outside in the Sun or you have heat and it does have an effect on other viruses,” Trump said, before asking Coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx “to speak to the medical doctors to see if there’s any way that you can apply light and heat to cure, you know, if you could.”

Well, as you would expect, the model engineers mind has been applied to coming up with a cost effective way of testing if this would in fact work.

Big Al was on holiday recently & spent a little time contemplating the problem, drawing on his experience of the tele-communications industry & sent in this report:

‘We went to Costa Del Garden for our hols, journey time was good, about 10s, no hold ups at the door and didn’t need a passport (of any colour).  At long last had time to consider a new project. Donald Trump inspired me to come up with a cure for CoVid 19.  It uses Ultra Violet light provided by a gel nail varnish curer and some flexible led lights cunningly adapted to transmit Ultra Violet Light into a body by positioning said lights suitably about a person.’

Parts list;
1 by Ultra Violet nail varnish curer – many available on Amazon
3 by USB lights – available from IKEA
1 by 3 way USB hub – many available on Amazon
1 by strong magnet (glued to hub)

Once the lights have been positioned, the most effective method of disposition is to place ones head between ones knees & then invoke KYAG as per Donald Trumps instructions.

Or the safer bet is to follow the Scottish Government’s advice!