Bathgate Locomotive Works…..

Tricky job today.  Making the tray for the base of the smokebox.

Initial test fit ok.  Need to cut central area out for the blast pipe and the rear ring.

Had to bend the brass sheet leaving an 1/8” between the sides and the loco framing.

This will allow insulation on top on the cylinders and make it easier to clean out the ash.

This job worked out a little bit more complicated than expected.

I also had to fit an extra piece underneath the tray as the front seal.

The brass short piece, which is between the two exhaust, I can either leave it as it is right now or cut it away.  The advantage of cutting it away would allow the smokebox to be removed at a later date without disturbing the blast pipe.

It looks neat at the moment and once the loco is finished I do not think I will be removing the smokebox anyway.

I think I will remove that piece.

Finished for the day.  Made good progress.

Photo from the cab end.  The tray has a gap 5/32” between the sides and the framing for 1/8” smokebox wrapper.

Time for dinner!

I managed to find two smokebox rings from Reeves.  I have ordered them today and delivery will be tomorrow.

One other supplier had similar rings, but out of stock and their foundry is closed due to the lockdown.

The rings are from a 7 1/4 “ gauge Mogul but looking at the drawing I should be able to machine them to my sizes (I hope).

All good fun!