‘Brewstina’ At Almondell…

Our ever busy Secretary came up with the idea of scratch building ‘Brewstina’ for the young daughter of a colleague at work.  This unusual model is based on ‘Brewster’ from the television series Chuggington.

Mainly constructed from wood Robert added plaits, a cotton tail and a secret drawer within which to place trinkets.  ‘Brewstina’ was born!

Frame Construction

Lovely Lines

Body Skin

I can see!

Foundation Makeup

Glamorous Lady

Cotton Tail

Trinket Draw








‘No stopping on the points!’
‘Aye, righto Harry’
‘What can you say?’

Of course ‘Brewstina’ couldn’t wait to stretch her legs around the track at Almondell.  A case of all dressed up & nowhere to go, but go she did in front of an admiring group…..

Editor:  I asked Robert if he had followed a drawing as the detail is so correct to which he replied: ‘No plans or drawings.  Just went with photos from the chuggington magazine.  Wheels were rubber tyres / plastic wheels from a hobby shop and the roof fans were cooling fans for computers.’