A Glen’s Progress….

Daniel emerged from his workshop briefly to submit further photographs of the ‘Glen’ and the 16mm locomotive.  Both are very impressive.

Cab wheel box

Two are required

In place in the cab

‘Another job I need to do is to shine up my plumbing.’





‘Cosmetically the buffer beam now sports a coat of Red Oxide’ primer’

‘And my own comfort has not been overlooked;  A seat for my riding truck, its quite thick but I know I would regret it if I made it too thin!’


‘Progress with my little 16mm locomotive has reached the stage where it now has a complete set of running gear and is almost ready for an air test.’

Cylinder complete

Crosshead fitted

Trial connecting rod

Gudgeon Pin

The connecting rod


Ready for air test

The gas fired boiler






‘The boiler to work on now.’

‘That’s the tea & biscuit break over.  Back into the workshop for more self isolating.’

Stop Press!  Daniel has sent this link showing the ‘Dacre’ first run on air this afternoon…..