May 25, 2019

Sponsorship News – 2019

July News

ENSO is an organisation which ‘helps students and adults grow and learn in a fast changing world.  As partner of schools from all over Europe Enso has become the best and most successful work experience provider agencies in the education sector’.

Normally their project work is arranged in the Bristol area, but on this occasion they requested work for a group of Polish students (who all intend to eventually work in their country’s railway industry) to be based in the Edinburgh area.  To read more about their visit click here

May News

Our thanks to Engie and the five volunteers who gave up their time to help out on the construction of Blythe Bridge.  Their efforts were appreciated and they helped to move the job on.  To read a little more about their efforts click here.



Our thanks to Mitsubishi Electric for their generous donation of their Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump.  These are manufactured locally in Livingston.  When ESME’s Heritage Centre & Museum building project leader was researching environmentally friendly heating options they were very grateful for the help and advice received from Rodney Ayre (Senior Department Manager) of Mitsubishi Electric.  This helps considerably to reduce out carbon footprint.  An interesting connection between Rodney Ayre and ESME’s endeavours is that he has been the Project Engineer on the freight trains for the Channel Tunnel and Project Manager in the Heathrow Express