What’s Bright & Shiny?

Our Five Sisters Crossing Steel work!!

Yes, at last it is all on site and ready for erecting.  The final major piece in the jigsaw to complete the Newliston 5″ / 3½” circuit.

What a shame to paint it!  Mind you, it might be a bit dazzling to aircraft going in & out of Edinburgh Airport on a bright sunny day.

Can’t wait to be blasting across both Blythe Bridge & Five Sisters Crossing on my 5″ loco’s.  No pressure on the point building team to finish the last point in the circuit (Oh, that’s me then!).






Then for good measure, whilst we had the means, the ‘Bothy’ was relocated to beside the workshop area by the steaming lies…..

Mark, you are a glutton for punishment!  Thanks to the ESME team who turned out to help, a terrific job.

Thank you to Robert & Mark for the photographs.

If you fancy coming along to help us finish this project here are Directions to the Almodell Model Engineering Centre