Never One To Miss An Opportunity…..

ENSO is an organisation which ‘helps students and adults grow and learn in a fast changing world.  As partner of schools from all over Europe Enso has become the best and most successful work experience provider agencies in the education sector’.

Normally their project work is arranged in the Bristol area, but on this occasion they requested work for a group of Polish students (who all intend to eventually work in their country’s railway industry) to be based in the Edinburgh area.  One of the organisations contacted was the SRPS and James, through his connections with there volunteered to arrange some exciting projects for them to work on at Almondell.  Our project gave them the full flavour of railway work, except smaller.

Their day started with a safety briefing and the issuing of personal safety clothing followed by a tour of the site.  They then split into a number of groups and put to work.  Our Roving Reporter was there with his camera too……

Blythe Bridge

benefited from a tidy up underneath

followed by de-rusting of the supports

and a coat of red lead primer.

Doesn’t it look smart?



Meanwhile, Andrew demonstrated the art of supervising to his Polish counterpart!

Brush Cutting

Nature does not take long to reclaim fertile open ground.

Their efforts have made a big difference.

Heading off to deal with the far corners of the site.


Ballast Trains

Peter explaining how the chute system works

and then adopting the traditional supervisory position.

Moving the train to the drop point.

Steady as you go.

Where is the ballast going, you ask?


Pumpherston Junction

Setting up ready for siting the levels.

Siting the levels.

Getting the ballast spread and leveled correctly.

Making good progress


Wait for me!

Carrying his tools of the trade, Adam makes his way to join the action.

Helping Andy & John spread the Blaes on the embankment.

Job going well!




We would all like to thank the Polish team for their hard work and enthusiastic efforts, they helped move the project on quite significantly.  We enjoyed their company and it makes a refreshing change for us too.  The Polish team will be working at Bo’ness Monday and Wednesday next week, Adam will be in Nursery.