Building Bridges…..

With the bridge delivered & neatly stacked the next task was to erect it.  Robert had spent time constructing a template to use for drilling the holes in the concrete foundations which would take the studs required to hold the supports in place.  These were duly drilled & the studs held in place by a suitable Epoxy Resin Glue.  All was ready for the weekend when a large digger & dumper had been organised for the task of moving & lifting the steel work.


About a dozen members gathered on site in the chill of a November frost ready to start work.  Alastair (the bridge designer) briefed the team on the sequence of assembly and with Mark at the controls of the ‘big digger’ the job started.  The sequence of photographs shows the steady progress of the task until the loss of daylight brought things to a close for the day.












Oh, and we are not going to paint the bridge so you will be able to see it as you fly in & out of Edinburgh Airport……..

More pictures & a short video are on our Twitter page.




Another chill day, but fortunately dry & sunny again.  Another briefing from Alastair on the sequence of today’s construction & the work commenced.  This time as the light faded, the steelwork for the bridge was complete and it looked impressive.






It had all fitted together without a hitch, well done to Alastair for a sound design and to the team who surveyed & built the foundations, a first class effort.  And of course a big thank you to FCC Communities  Foundation for their funding.

Thanks go to Welding and Fabrication Solutions for the steel work, Scottish Galvanisers & Thomas Graham transport for moving the bridge to site.


Today was the task of excavating the remainder of the pond around the Five Sisters Crossing.  Another dry, frosty, sunny day which helped to keep the ground a bit firmer, this task was more ‘heavy plant’ than that of assembling the bridge.

Last word to Alastair, the designer: “Excellent, looks just like the rendering.”


If you feel tempted to come along to help us finish this project here are Directions to the Almodell Model Engineering Centre

Working parties are organised for Thursday’s & Saturdays.