Workshop Progress…..

During the lockdown phase of the Covid pandemic it was mooted that a competition be run to decide on a layout for the new workshop.  Four members took up the challenge & submitted their ideas.

These were viewed and discussed by the committee and it was found very difficult to decide if one suggestion would be the most suitable layout as all had merit!  After a great deal of thought and weighing up the pros and cons of each design it was decided to combine all the good points from the four.  Okay, you may think this has resulted in a ‘Camel’, but please have a look at the attached pdf showing the individual submissions and proposed final layout.  We think you will agree that picking the best bits from each was the best decision.

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This means there is not an individual winner but a four member winning team instead.  And let’s face it, AMEC’s success is about teamwork.





Thanks to Daniel there are a few photographs of the interior of the workshop on the ESME Facebook page which show the painted floor & the machinery to be placed into position & connected up.