Slowly Coming Back To Life…..

Cautiously working parties have resumed at Almondell .  With 11 acres of woodland, working outside observing the social distancing rules has been relatively straight forward.  Other guidelines for members to follow whilst on site have been briefed & implemented.  If lockdown continues to be eased then it is hoped to see activity return to pre pandemic levels, but still following Scottish Government advice.

As a wee flavour of the limited activity…….

A new running in board for Drumshoreland Station constructed off site during the lockdown has been erected.

Working in the deep cutting on their own at either end of the bridge have been our two ‘hobby’ stonemasons with expert advice as required from the professional stonemason.


The picnic area & site of the second platform have had the earthworks started.  Paving blocks have been donated by a householder in Edinburgh on the basis that we lift & clear them.

Track panel building activity is recommencing at the far North side of the site.  Stevie has organised the table and is seen once in the morning & once in the late afternoon as he makes his way to and from the site.

Point building has recommenced on the table down by Almondell Central, well away from the main building.


The point lever by the way was constructed from recovered material found in the scrap pile!

Our Facebook page has some short video clips & further photographs.