Who Rescued Humpty Dumpty?

Model Engineers like a challenge; make something useful out of a miscellaneous collection of bits and follow instructions.  Monday nights get together pitted five teams against the clock to rescue a raw egg suspended by a string 6′ of the floor and to place it unbroken into a compartment in an egg box.

The red lines were the box could not be more than 18″ off the floor, no part of the apparatus could be touched during the ‘rescue’ and the apparatus could not be closer to the egg than 30″.

‘Simples’ as Aleksandra Orlov would say.  Or was it……….?

Teams unpack the box & the contents….

Read the rules & discuss the options

Hmm, not so sure that’s going to work….

Concentration. Good job Mark’s tall

Going it alone, ‘I have a simpler solution’

‘Come on dad, we’ll show the nipper’

His Master’s Voice? Where’s Nipper?

Still at the discussion stage me thinks

Engineer, Accountant & IT discuss….

Meanwhile Sandy quietly cuts the cups

Team HMV are hard at it

The simple solution takes shape…

Structure decided, construction begins…

Team HMV takes shape nicely

Recording (sorry!) heights & adjusting…

Meanwhile, Sandy is still cutting cups…

Ah, why not build it under the egg?

Cor, it’s quite high isn’t it?

Just the shock absorbers & I’m done

Five minutes to go, nearly done…

Aligning it correctly under the egg

Yeah! Sandy’s cups are attached…

Team HMV in a huddle, adjusting…

Are we anticipating scrambled eggs?

Times Up!