Bridging The Gap

Work continues apace to complete ‘Blythe Bridge’ and ‘The Five Sisters Crossing’ which are the missing links for the Newliston and Almondell circuits (5″/3½ & 7¼”/5″ respectively).  With the good weather holding progress has been made with the steelwork for ‘Blythe Bridge’ and the concrete foundations for ‘The Five Sisters Crossing’.

Our Roving Reporters have been out in force and have submitted the following photographs of progress.

The Five Sisters Crossing

East side abutment shuttering under construction.  This was an exercise in itself!  Shuttering for one of the three piers can be seen in the second picture.



Instructions prior to the pour are given.  The results of which are perfect!  Just leave for a few days to set properly.


Blythe Bridge

A giant ‘Meccano’ set laid out ready for welding.




Final measuring and positioning of the various pieces before the welder makes it permanent!



Lovely job!  Decking next and then the trackwork (5″/3½) for the Newliston circuit.




On the ‘Comrie’ circuit extension Peter & Archie have been quietly working way setting out the edge boards, ballasting and sleepering the track.  A lovely job it looks too wending its way through the sylvan setting of the woods.  To the far left can be seen the ‘Newliston’ (5″/3½”) circuit about to turn eastwards to head towards ‘Blythe Bridge’.  Immediately left is the ‘Almondell’  (7¼”/5″) circuit which has a bit further to go into the woods before it too turns east and heads for ‘The Five Sisters Crossing’.


This photo of ground works at the north boundary gives an indication of where the ‘Comrie’ (7¼”) circuit to the left, and the ‘Almondell’ (7¼”/5″) circuit to the right, are going east along the north of the site.