Wave Sculpture…..

An interesting aspect of this lockdown has been to see the diversity of interests & talent amongst our membership.  We seem to have used the time productively and have shared these results via t’internet.  A case in point being the email from Ken describing his most recent work:

‘I too have been busy in my workshop, not model building in the conventional sense, but metal sculpture building using Aluminium 1½” x ³/₁₆”  flatbar, cold rolled and then fixed together with jointing lugs and 8mm stainless bolts……





For the full story on how the work was conceived, designed & built I have put together a 3 minute video

I am also working with Alec on ideas for his Locomotor logo, getting closer to final design but some more work still to do.

Best wishes, Ken’

Ken has a link to his fascinating website too at the end of the video which is well worth visiting.  Some wonderful work can be seen.  If you would like to visit without watching the video, then please click Northfield Arts and Crafts