Track Progress Report

With the winter weather being mild so far progress with track work and associated structures has continued apace.  The digging out of the route for Circuits ‘D’ & ‘B’ at the North West end of the site has been nearly completed and track extension along the respective track bed has been progressing steadily.

On a quiet moment David took his camera and sent in these pictures of progress to the News desk:

On the left, Circuit ‘D’ at the West junction with Circuit ‘C’ is seen heading to the North.

Circuit ‘D’ on the right looking back towards the point.  Circuits ‘A’ & ‘B’ on the left.

Turning around, Circuit ‘D’ is to the right and in the main part of the photo is the area where the point work for the connections between circuits ‘B’ & ‘A’ are to be constructed.

The white posts mark the line of Circuit ‘D’ as it heads further to the North.


Further round from the point construction area, Circuit ‘A’ is seen on the embankment heading towards the viaduct.

Here Andrew, Sandy & John are seen discussing the line of the track.

The neatness of their handiwork building the abutment can be appreciated here.  Only another seven to go!

Number two progressing well.



The dedication (loneliness) of the ESME abutment builder!

Well, it’s not all mud, rain & cold.  Quietly, in the warmth of their workshop, the patterns for the castings take shape.  What a lovely job Robert makes of them too.

Without them, we would not get such precise castings from the Foundry.