New Year At Almondell

The day dawned bright, clear and not a breath of wind, the ground covered in a hoar frost.  Even the Mercury in the thermometer was feeling the chill at -4ºC!  Still, it would be just the day for some superb steam effects (and it would show every little steam weep!) for the photographers.

Some defrosting of the water supply was required and then we were in business.  Four steam locomotives in the three gauges plus three battery electrics in 7¼” and 5″ completed the roster.  Oh and not to forget the all important kettle supplying the tea pot which was kept quite busy.

After the test train had been around the circuit and the passenger cars brought out of their warm shelter we were hauling passengers until close of play.

Thank you to Alastair, Robert, Kieran & Jeremy for sharing their photographs with us.  Enjoy.

Getting Ready

Connecting Batteries

SAR superpower

Engine Defibrillator?

On it’s own, 1367






Test Trains



Carefully does it

All tracks tested






Front Ends….

In memory of….



Worth a second look






Visitors arrive….

Busy time

The ‘artistic’ approach!







Enjoying ourselves (it’s what we are about!)….

Neck and neck

Big wheels on the left

Enjoying the turn

All together now

My turn….

Now mine….

Mum’s in charge






Tunnel Vision

Look carefully

Here she comes….


Now I can’t see!






South African Interlude

5″ gauge….

3½” gauge…..

Backing up….

Little & not so little






She’ll be coming round the mountain…..

Still climbing….

Nearly there….

At the top with….

A full load






Club loco…..

She’s ready…..

Is there a driver?

You can see the hat

All is well






Not a breath of wind…..










Some artistic shots….

Penny for them?

Where’s the club loco

It’s here!

Drivers eye view






As the day draws to a close…..

Heading home

Into the Sunset

That’s yer lot!