The last day for a Class 23

The final steam up at Almondell for Richard’s South African Class 23, 5″ gauge locomotive.






On the turntable, steaming up for the last time, Richard carefully with assistance, reversed the big loco down onto the track.  Due to the required running direction the loco was turned on the trackside turntable.






Ready to run clockwise, steam pressure was up and more coal added. Richard was happy with both safety valves blowing, the loco and passengers were ready for their first run.






Six other locomotives were on the track with two battery electrics and four steam locos. Rob Griffith took the 7 1/4″ gauge ‘Vulcan’ for a run with passengers as well.

A very good day with lots of activity, spectators, passengers and a dog went for a train ride too.


Many photos and videos were taken and the Class 23 performed well and effortless with great tractive power for the passenger wagons.






Lots of steam around but even more smoke from Callum’s loco. Real coal being used instead of anthracite.

Daniel takes over the controls on the big loco.

The Class 23 will be in steam again but you will have to go to Slovenia if you would like to see it run.