Tank Project

Just received this from Jeremy Bull.

Model engineering with a difference. We are so used to members  building a variety of steam models so how about this for a change.

A fully machined metal kit to build a 1/6th scale model of Panther G tank.  The dimensions when complete, the tank will be 57″ long, 22″ wide and 22″ tall.  However it will also weigh 14 stones. Wow.

The kit has just arrived and below you can see the many boxes just unpacked with a huge list of parts to check.











Jeremy comments – “Where to start?! The boxes unpacked, instructions read and build / paint sequence decided. Just the camouflage pattern to decide upon, many variants to choose from! This project should occupy the summer months!”

Another interesting development for our hobby. When finished, the radio controlled tank will be let loose at Almondell.  So beware of tanks as one of our other members has one as well.


Here is a YouTube video of a completed tank with sound effects.