SAR Class 10 Soutie’s last day

South African loco on the turntable steaming up for the last time




On the track and ready to go





Richard takes the controls





Full steam ahead





Happy passengers but driver has a cloud of steam




One lap complete





John Craig’s ‘Percy’ on the 5″ gauge track.




Soutie catches up with Percy on the bridge





Percy and Class 27





David Neale takes the Class 27 across the bridge




Dan taking ‘Vulcan’ for a run.





A good day at Almondell on Sunday 19th February when Richard Niven brought his super SAR Class 10 locomotive Soutie for its final steam up on the 7 1/4″ track.  Quite a number of passengers enjoyed their trip around the B track.

If you missed it then there is a super YouTube video taken by Callum Wilson.

Have a look here.