Sunday Best…..

ESME members had a busy weekend.  ‘Meet Thomas’ event was running at Bo’ness on the Saturday & Sunday and members were running on the track there.  The Doncaster Show was tempting a few members to trek South to view the wonderful models displayed.  Whilst clear blue skies and warm sunshine tempted a few to Almondell.

With the vegetation all fresh and green and positively glowing in the sunlight the track at Almondell saw half a dozen members out plus a couple of visitors.

Raring to go was Paul’s 7¼” gauge ‘Lion’.  This had recently received attention to the Gab valve gear plus the driving truck was sporting new disc brakes and these needed testing.  From the smile on Paul’s face as ‘Lion’ elegantly went round the track, the outside rods gracefully rotating the work had been successful.

Callum & Michael had their 5″ gauge battery electric locomotive operating on the Almondell circuit.  Still an ‘out & back’, but progress on ‘Blythe Bridge’ & ‘Five Sisters Crossing’ should see the route completed by September.  Sandy managed to give Michael an early bath when he discovered the hosepipe had a leak!


Sandy enjoyed several runs at the regulator of Jeremy’s 7¼” Wren, ‘Grace’.  Click here to watch the video.

‘Grace’ propelled the ‘Oban’ cars along the new section of the Comrie circuit extension.  Click here to watch the video.

A video of a trip around the Comrie / Oban loop from the footplate of ‘Grace’ can be viewed by clicking here.

More photo’s & video’s on the ESME Twitter & Facebook pages.

Walking around the earthworks for the Comrie circuit extension revealed just how stunning the views looking to the North will be when the line reaches open country.