From ‘Photoshop’ To Reality….

Never let it be said that Mark hangs back when it comes to getting the Heritage Centre & Museum building erected.  Within hours of receiving the Building Warrant the work schedule was put into action and over the past three weeks progress has been rapid.  This Thursday’s working party were impressed by the constant flow of material deliveries being unloaded on site.  All this was backed up by an impressive range of hardware which one or two members looked upon with envious eyes!

The photo gallery illustrates the progress over the last couple of weeks….





The team completing the the above framing work were even on site from 07:00 to 09:00 on Sunday to ensure the concrete could be poured on the Monday.





The above photo’s were taken 06:30 Thursday morning.

By 14:30 Thursday afternoon progress was quite marked.  The next big job is pouring the concrete base.

Watch this space for more updates.