South African Class 16DA

Not everybody can claim to have built a live steam model of a South African Railways 16DA pacific on their dining room table.  Richard can!  His recently completed model is due to make its debut at the Strathaven Model Society’s 2018 barbecue steam up.  Enjoy the selection of photographs showing the progress of the build and the one of his cat looking rather smug at what it has brought to the table….















Click to watch a short video of the locomotives first steam trial, which it passed successfully.

“Today I finally took my naughty new 16DA down to our track in Edinburgh and decided to try and get her to run. Apart from the usual problems of any new engine she decided to blow the one safety valve insides skywards and on top of that gave me a mighty bad burn on my finger…..I somehow see this loco being a troublesome loco…..hope not!  Here is a clip I made of her today at the Almondell track