Sponsors Day

Over the years ESME has received a lot of help both financially & in kind without which we would not have made anything like the progress we have.

Having reached two significant milestones of completing the first loop upon which we can run trains again and funding for the Heritage Centre & Museum, it was felt this would be an appropriate time to invite sponsors along to see the progress and to hear how we intend to develop the centre over the next few years.  Not everyone was able to join us for the event, but for those that did they expressed very favourable comments.

The welcome by Ms Moira Niven MBE, Lord-Lieutenant and the thanks from ESME Chair, Mark, were given, the group went on a guided tour of the site and a ride on the trains.  Fortunately, the weather remained dry until just before refreshments were served when the heavens opened!  However, it did little to dampen the enthusiasm of our guests who, once suitably refreshed ventured back out onto the trains.

Thanks go to the team that provided the excellent spread, Moira, Jan & Lizette.

Our smart new drive

A bright greeting

Filling the tea urn

Filling a bigger ‘urn’!

On the boil

On the boil

A warm welcome

Speeches ready


Thank you everyone

Guided tours

Describing the bridge

Bridge construction

The tours continue

Waiting for the bridge

Lots more track to lay

Clear road ahead

Will it fit?

Room to spare

Steam to spare

Rush hour

Generating electricity

Tours finished in time!

Good timing for lunch

Questions & answers

Still raining!

Lunch was excellent

Jan and Lizette

Not all run on rails

Scale raindrops?


Should’ve gone to…?

Apologies to JMW Turner