Serious STEM, no ‘A’!

With apologies to Steve Wright’s serious jockin’!

Midlothian Science Festival ran an event in The National Mining Museum at the Lady Victoria Colliery, Newtongrange.  ESME were asked if they would like to put up a display to support the event which aims to bring all sorts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) activities together.  All events for the Midlothian Science Festival are community outreach and aim to run enjoyable science activities in Midlothian appealing to a large, diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds, from professionals to novices, from science enthusiasts to the merely curious.  They showcase current and historical science originating within Midlothian and demonstrate Midlothian’s contribution and importance to science and technology at a global level and to broaden the horizons of future generations of scientists.

ESME felt that this was an event worth supporting as we are actively encouraging people to come along to the Almondell Heritage Centre and Museum to experience first hand the diverse opportunities to get involved with miniature engineering and environmental conservation.


These photographs are of the display