Maude’s New Clothes…

First trial test of the 0.5mm thick brass sheet which has just been rolled for the boiler cladding. Good to report that this thickness easily springs over the boiler barrel of 7″ in diameter and the boiler bands will be able to secure in place with little pressure.

The centre driving wheel splasher cover, made from 0.9 mm mild steel sheet with the large curve rolled to shape and the two ends due to the thickness, easily bent using fingers.

Cab roof top piece cut to size and fitted into the brass cab top edge gutters,

Alignment check between the front sandbox and wheel cover with the centre wheel splasher.


A view below the boiler with the boiler resting behind the frame stretcher. Due to little clearance, cladding cannot be fitted to the front throat plate of the boiler.

Note the raised welds on the water jacket boiler stays.

Commercially produced pop safety valves, both fitted with top locking rings after the correct boiler pressure has been set. One to be set at boiler pressure of 80 lbs and the other at 5 lbs above.

Now onto the next stage .