Riding The Almondell Circuit

The 17th April was our second drivers familiarisation day prior to our 2022 open days.  The weather was warm & dry as those involved with the exercise prepared their locomotives.

(click image to start slide show)

Dave was the first to arrive…

Closely followed by Richard…

James prepared his Black 5







Meanwhile out on the track, the rolling stock was being assembled


Time for some quiet contemplation before the highlight of the day….



which was the first members trains around the recently completed Almondell circuit!  Operating on a ‘Figure of Eight’ trains started from Drumshoreland Station & then through the loop points gained access to the Almondell circuit.  Nine minutes later via the second loop points the trains returned to Drumshoreland Station.

The Almondell Circuit is ‘Route B’ on the schematic.  This adds considerably to our route mileage.








Richard’s composite video gives a good idea of both the new Almondell circuit & the existing Comrie & Newliston circuits.

Once the Almondell circuit is properly commissioned we anticipate a lot of very interesting & challenging running sessions!

Watch this space.