Reversing Lever Et Al……

The Bathgate Locomotive Works are on overtime.  As the lockdown continues, the midnight oil is being burnt with a vengeance and progress with ‘Maude’ continues apace.

Had fun making this.

Not finished yet as it has still to be tapered towards the handle.

I decided to make it 3/16” thick instead of 1/8”.  Mainly for strength since it is a working model.

Started off with 3/8” square bar and some 4 jaw chuck work.

All good so far.




This photo of the prototype is useful for interpreting the original works drawing, which has a lot of lines!

I may go for the usual lever design as the engagement part onto the quadrant is in the centre of the lever.


Temporary assembly.  Discovered that a mistake had been made with the hole in the reversing lever.  It is ⅟₈” higher than it should be!  A little fitting required to compensate, but seems to work okay.  The clearance is a little neat!

The outer quadrant will be hidden by the box.


Successfully pinned and silver soldered the reversing lever.  Seems to be ok as I had to mill both edges as the lever is slightly tapered.  It did not break during the milling operation so it must be joined ok.

If you zoom in you will see the join but not really noticeable.





Today’s task was to produce the fork for the cab end of the reversing rod.  This has to be bolted and removable if required.

Still to puzzle out the quadrant.  Looking at photos it seems to be attached to the wooden box which covers the rear wheels.  No metal back to the main frames.

By closely studying the photograph again, I have just discovered that the box it attaches to is steel with a painted wood grain effect (Scumble).

Going to move onto platework for a change!