New Year At Almondell…..

The weather forecast for the 2nd January got worse as the day drew nearer and sure enough, on the day it rained heavily from mid morning.  As a consequence only a few hardy individuals braved the wet & the mud around the temporary unloading facilities to run a locomotive.  The locomotives came from the extensive stable of South African Motive power owned by the ‘Adventurescot’ Richard.

One of the locomotives was 3½” gauge & this took the accolade of the first one in this gauge to traverse the newly completed Newliston circuit.

Little & not so little

In Richard’s own words: “The 3½” track was amazing and my wee (that’s a relative wee, by the way!) loco just loved it.  Points and all there was not a single problem.  Even the big 5″ went great and had no problems at all.  I was well impressed.  I love the track after the bridges.  The climb up to the level crossing really makes that small loco bark.  I just wish the camera had picked up the sound better.”

What more of an incentive do those members with 5″ / 3½” gauge locomotives need to bring them along and stretch their legs on the Newliston circuit?  See you at Almondell!