Post Christmas Steam Up At Almondell….

The weather was unusually mild for the time of year and a good turn out of members was anticipated.  We were not disappointed!  Why, even Mrs Frosty paid us a visit.

The recent rain had made things a little (!) muddy underfoot in places, but this did nothing the dampen the enthusiasm & happy atmosphere as the main attraction was the completion of the Newliston circuit for 5″ / 3½” gauge models.  There was a good showing here and all the drivers reported good steady running on the new track.  Of course there are still some tweaks to be made to improve things further, but as it stood there was no requirement to introduce temporary speed restrictions.

As ever a big thank you to Roddy for keeping the tea / coffee flowing together with the hot sausage rolls & warm mince pies.  Much appreciated by everyone & probably the more important job on days such as this.

From the News Desk we have the following photographs for you to enjoy & two short videos taken on the Newliston circuit to give you an idea of the experience everyone enjoyed:  A medley of motive power & ‘Morning Star’ drivers eye viewClick to enlarge image.

First arrivals...

First arrivals…

Peak time

Awaiting the driver

Awaiting the boss!

Phoning the AA?

All under control

Awaiting the off!

On the 5″ circuit

Compact steam plant

Welcome Mrs Frosty!

Enough of that joke…

Swiss connection

Ta Da! Here we are…

It’s uphill!?

Sure is!

Thanks Paul!

Almondell Central….

is busy with visitors…

& onlookers!

No rest for drivers…

but we love it….

Eyes on the road….

All going well

Through the trees…

‘Morning Star’

Still giving rides…

Meeting of t’gauges

Downhill here….

Front end….

Who is in charge…?

Front ends (2)….

In the distance…

it’s ‘Morning Star’

Mrs Frosty’s OK too


Now to clean it…!

























Directions to the Almondell Model Engineering Centre