Molly Anne……..

Back in January John C. emailed a note to the Newsdesk about his latest lockdown project, Molly Anne.  Since then John has been quietly beavering away in his workshop making steady progress.  He has found time to email photographs to the Newsdesk showing the latest progress:






‘There was a months delay in the supply of parts due to COVID as Polly were unable to get parts machined. While waiting I built a plastic water tank for my riding truck which should be useful when we get the big 71/4 circuit completed.’

It is encouraging to hear from those members building 5″ gauge locomotives to run at Almondell, this gives ESME a varied roster for our three gauges.  When the Almondell & Newliston circuits are combined it is going to be a very interesting track to master for the 5″ drivers.