I First Set My Eyes On Sweet Molly Anne…….

Member John C. has been in touch to bring us up to speed with his leatest project.  It is a little bit smaller than his ‘Feldbahn’, but a lot easier to move about.

“Due to running out of my wife’s DIY jobs (well, at least the ones I wanted to do!) I have bought the 5” gauge kit ‘Molly Anne’ from Polly Model Engineering.  If I can get it remotely like the one pictured I shall be delighted.

The first stage was the frames & buffer beams which were easy to assemble, but the painting took a few attempts.  

When that was finished I was looking for something to do until the next stage arrived.

I thought I would build a 5″ storage trolley for moving it around the garage from bits of angle iron I had lying around.

So there we have progress to date.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to an end to this lockdown & a steam up at Almondell!

Happy New Year everyone, John.”