MG Car Club Visit

The MG Car Club paid a visit to Almondell as their venue for lunch after their club run around the local area.

There were 12 cars participating, ages ranging from pre war up to modern times.  Our Roving Reporters were not sure if a 2022 all electric version was there.








Meanwhile, our members were busy getting the railway open for business……..








20 MG Car Club members enjoyed the warm weather to partake of their picnic and enjoy the trains…..





Passenger trains & driver experience were all on offer…..











Helen Kirkness had organised the visit.  Her late husband Brian had been an MG enthusiast & a hard working member of ESME.  In his memory the family have donated a bench which has been located on the Halt at the West end of the site.  We were delighted to be able to be able to run a ‘special’ for Helen & family to view & visit the location…….





Meanwhile, out on the Almondell & Newliston circuits the ESME members were putting different locomotives through their paces….








And finally……

Railtrack suffer with leaves on the line.  well, at Almondell it is pine needles & pine cones!  Member Rob has found the perfect piece of equipment, it sooks up the mess & leaves the track looking pristine….