Just Steaming In The Rain……

What a glorious feeling!  And so it was on Sunday when ESME members, family & friends braved serious flooding on the roads to enjoy 2019’s open day and see the progress a year has made.  Enjoy it they did!  The smiling faces, the queues for the trains, the consumption of the burgers and the positive comments all made for a memorable event.

Our photographers had a field day with damp conditions combined with a perfectly still day mixing with the steam to provide some very atmospheric shots.  We hope you enjoy the photo story!

Washing the crossing

Adding to the wet!

First arrivals…

Mud, glorious mud….

‘How much water?!’

Offering advice….?

More instructions!

Ha! Mines electric!

Class 40 Half Cab?

Ready for the crowds

Here they are….

Tea in the dry…..

Time for a chat…..

Raising steam…..

Blowing off….

A Fowler BB1

Raising steam…

Time for a chat….

Lighting the lights

Electrics & water…

Work well, thank you.

My turn!

Swiss connection.

A change of steed…

‘Scamp’ at speed….

It’s Daniel driving!

Dave rises above it…

James coasts through

Richard hurries by…

NBR Altlantic….

On the move.

In the cutting…

Into the tunnel…


It becomes clearer…

That’s better…!

Cleaner technology…

I’m enjoying this!

Entering the station

Holding tight?

Another good load…

Peak time….

Trains everywhere…

Ready for the off

Still they queue….

Relaxed driver…

All going well…

This sums it all up.






























The other news is that the steel work for the Five Sisters Crossing is being delivered mid October and then it is full speed ahead to complete the 5″/3½” ‘Newliston’ circuit by December.  Then, we can enjoy seeing the full range of members locomotives running at Almondell.

Watch the video here & on Facebook here