The Backroom Team……

We must not forget that while the ‘Glam Team’ get most of the attention driving their locomotives none of this would be possible without the help of the unsung members who volunteer to cover the administration of the day.

Prior to the event there was the design & printing of the tickets.  Co-ordination of visitor numbers & locomotives.  Catering involved the purchasing the rolls, burgers, tea, milk etc., Then there was the clearing & washing up afterwards!  Those members who stood out in the rain to meet & greet, issue tickets, assist with parking & generally answer queries.  The tour guides around the site, tramping through the mud.  The two cooks who did a wonderful job preparing & cooking the food to perfection.

Well, we thank you and here is their story in pictures…..

Roddy & Hazel set up the barbecue.

Sizzling burgers soon attract customers….

A lull in ticket issuing & parking help…

Alastair & Robert await their next tours.

Trevor brings his party safely home….







Help with the backroom tasks is always appreciated and many hands make light work.  It is enjoyable too being part of team showcasing our hard work to others.

If you would like to come along & help out at the next event please let the organiser know, we would be delighted to see you.

Our thanks to the intrepid photographers, Paul, Robert, Stan & Jeremy who risked everything to provide us with this record of the event.

Here we see one of them caught in the act of snapping the snapper!  Any thoughts of being incognito in the woods seem to have been missed.

See you next year when we should be running the 5″/3½ Newliston circuit!