Hors De Combat…..

From the workshops at Hants Rail, Charlie dropped the Newsdesk a line updating us on the latest project.

‘Hi everyone,  I hope that you are all safe, and well.  You were asking for pics of work that members are doing whilst confined to barracks.

I have started work on a faulty axlebox on a friends Maxi Lucky 7 – a 3/4 ton loco, with a 1/4 ton tender, but still 7 1/4 gauge – a bit like the Oban loco.

I jacked the loco up, removed the wheelset, and replaced it with an ‘ambulance’ wheelset, to allow the loco to be shunted back into the shed.  This can be seen under the loco before it was lowered back onto the rails.

With the errant wheelset removed (itself weighing about 100 lbs!) work can commence on rectifying it.  You can see the comparison between the ‘ambulance’ & proper wheelset.  The bracket arrangement on the ‘ambulance’ set ensures the loco sits level when back on the rails.


Here is a link to some clips of it running, before this work started.

Keep safe, and all the best,